It’s the Snag the Swag Grab Bag!

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Avast TeeFurians!
Aug Grab Bag1

This is a new type of Grab Bag that we’re doing and we wanted to make sure everyone knows exactly what they might get! Below we have all the possibilities that can be selected in our swag bag. What’s a swag bag? Let me tell you…

It’s basically a grab bag that, for only $1 extra, can come with awesome promotional merch that we’ve run in the past. These could be anything from buttons, stickers, postcard sets, temporary tattoos, embroidered patches, and more! There’s a variety of loot that’s drawn from and you won’t be disappointed with your sweet, sweet, swag.

Here is all your epic swag potential:Promo_photoGRABBAG


  • disssatisfied customer

    love a response to my open tickets. received defective item and need to
    return. no reponse to my emails or posts. buyers beware. this is a customer serivce nightmare

  • Satisfied swag owner

    Hi Teefury , I have just revived my august snag +swag bag , I love he shirt and swag that I have received but I have one question about the swag, what is the sketchboy 1 geek vehicle patches from?

    • Zetetic

      The one that says “Best in the Verse” is Serenity/Firefly. The blue one is a flux capacitor over the number 88 from Back to the Future. The red spaceship is Spike’s Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop. I’m about 80% sure the “Colonial Defender” one shows a Viper from Battlestar Galactica. And the only reason I’m here is to, like you, find out what the 5th one is. ;)

      • Satisfied Swag owner

        Thanks for the help , now at I’m re looking at them , they make more sense . last one is a mystery :) , hopefully we’ll be able to solve it .

  • Dana Changing

    You know what would rock so hard?