Creeps and Treats LV-426

Don’t alienate yourself from your fellow comrades, my Darklings.  Arrive at the next shindig donning “LV-426″ by Justyna Dorsz, and a stolen….I mean, eh- hmm….’acquired’ batch of delicacies I call, Alien Eggs. I can almost guarantee that somebody will drool over these scrumptious tidbits. Don’t be shocked if party-goers are BURSTING with excitement after eating with abandon! […]

Creeps and Treat’s CTHUL-AID

Hello, my fellow Darklings! Go ahead and crash the next party wearing this smashing tee CTHUL-AID by BeastPop, and bring along this delicious brew. Elicit abject terror in the old and young alike, as you pour each chalice full of this tasty concoction. (Let’s be honest…It’s all about the floating eyeballs that seem to stare into […]